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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Data Scraping - About Hand Scraped Flooring

Hand scraped hardwood flooring is one of the best floors that you can install in your house.

Advantages of Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

The product comes with a number of advantages which include:

Antique and modern technology: The floor professionally brings out the best elements of both antique and modern technology. The modern elements are in the quality of the product.

Unique patterns: Who doesn't want to be unique? These floors allow you to create your unique design. If you are going to use a machine, all you need to do is to set the machine such that it creates the pattern that you want. If the floor will be scraped by a craftsman, you should ask the craftsman to craft your desired pattern.

Character: The different depths in the floor provide you with character and color that you can't find in other types of floors. As the sun changes its angle during the day, the nooks and valleys on the board lit differently thus providing your board with an endless rich appearance.

Durability: Experts have been able to show that hand-scraped hardwood retains its look for a long time. If your kid or pet hits the floor, the dent just blends with the rest of the character making it hard for people to tell that there is a dent.

Making the floors shine again

Although, the scraped floors are designed to look worn and aged, they are made from modern wood which needs to be taken care of in order to retain its original look.

To make the floors shine again you need to remove all the dust and dirt that might be causing the wood to look dull.

After doing this you should mix 1 gallon of warm water with ½ teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and use it to clean the surface of the floor. The aim of doing this is to remove any stains that might be on the floor. When you complete doing this you should dampen the piece of cloth with club soda and then use another piece of cloth to buff the wood until it shines.


This is what you need to know about hand scraped hardwood flooring. When cleaning the floors you should avoid using oil based soaps as they dull the surface making your efforts worthless.

If the above method of shining the floor doesn't work, you should mix one part white vinegar and one part of cooking oil and use it to clean the floor.


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