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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Internet Data Mining - How Does it Help Businesses?

Internet has become an indispensable medium for people to conduct different types of businesses and transactions too. This has given rise to the employment of different internet data mining tools and strategies so that they could better their main purpose of existence on the internet platform and also increase their customer base manifold.

Internet data-mining encompasses various processes of collecting and summarizing different data from various websites or webpage contents or make use of different login procedures so that they could identify various patterns. With the help of internet data-mining it becomes extremely easy to spot a potential competitor, pep up the customer support service on the website and make it more customers oriented.

There are different types of internet data_mining techniques which include content, usage and structure mining. Content mining focuses more on the subject matter that is present on a website which includes the video, audio, images and text. Usage mining focuses on a process where the servers report the aspects accessed by users through the server access logs. This data helps in creating an effective and an efficient website structure. Structure mining focuses on the nature of connection of the websites. This is effective in finding out the similarities between various websites.

Also known as web data_mining, with the aid of the tools and the techniques, one can predict the potential growth in a selective market regarding a specific product. Data gathering has never been so easy and one could make use of a variety of tools to gather data and that too in simpler methods. With the help of the data mining tools, screen scraping, web harvesting and web crawling have become very easy and requisite data can be put readily into a usable style and format. Gathering data from anywhere in the web has become as simple as saying 1-2-3. Internet data-mining tools therefore are effective predictors of the future trends that the business might take.

If you are interested to know something more on Web Data Mining and other details, you are welcome to the Screen Scraping Technology site.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

What is Blog Content Scraping?

Blog content scraping is an act usually performed with scripts that extract content from numerous sources and pulls it into one site. It is so easy now that anyone can install a WordPress site, put a free or commercial theme, and install a few plugins that will go and scrape content from selected blogs, so it can be published on their site.

Why are they Stealing my Content?

Some of our users have asked us why are they stealing my content? The simple answer is because you are AWESOME. The truth is that these content scrapers have ulterior motives. Below are just few reasons why someone would scrape your content:

•    Affiliate commission – There are some dirty affiliate marketers out there that just wants to exploit the system to make few extra bucks. They will use your content and other’s content to bring traffic to their site through search engine. These sites are usually targeted towards a specific niche, so they have related products that they are promoting.

•    Lead Generation – Often we see lawyers and realtors doing this. They want to seem like industry leaders in their small communities. They do not have the bandwidth to produce quality content, so they go out and scrape content from other sources. Sometimes, they are not even aware of this because they are paying some scumbag $30/month to add content and help them get better SEO. We have encountered quite a few of these in the past.

•    Advertising Revenue – Some folks just want to create a “hub” of knowledge. A one-stop-shop for users in a specific niche. If I had a penny for every time someone has done this with our content, then we would have a few hundred pennies. Often we notice that our site content is being scraped. The scraper always replies, I was doing this for the good of the community. Except the site is plastered with ads.

These are just a few reasons why someone would steal your content.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Choose the Best Data Mining Company With This Simple Rule

Data mining is the analysis part of the knowledge finding in databases. It involves finding patterns in large data sets including processes like artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. The main reason why companies do data mining is to transform a large set of data into understandable block of information that can be used for market knowledge. It allows companies to make informed business decisions.

Data mining was looked upon as a luxury until some time back, but businesses are waking up to the importance of the process by seeing the difference it makes. Most of the multinational corporations already have mining integrated as one of their core processes. Many companies don't make strategic decisions unless they have the complete data converted into useful information using mining techniques. However, it is not a cheap process and would require being put to good use in order to be able to justify its cost. This results in a demand of a data mining company that could fulfill the client's needs by being resourceful and economical at the same time.

Searching for the perfect data mining company for your business could become a lot easier if you follow one simple rule. The rule is to make sure you make enough strategic decisions that result in good profit or at least break even with a single session of mining the data, which allows you to justify the cost you put into the whole process. Then, choose the company that offers you the best quotation which allows you to maximize your profits and improve your business processes even more.

Most companies are not very stringent with their plans and pricing and would be happy to go that extra mile in order to help the client. That extra mile could include offering a discount on the whole process, or offering added services or extended time period in the same package and price as quoted. The way you negotiate with the company will decide the profit that you will make from the entire data mining process.

Data mining will not only improve your business decisions, it will improve your business processes as a whole. If used correctly, it will allow you to extract more out of the limited resources. It allows you to have comprehensive real time market knowledge that always keeps you ahead of your competitors. Therefore, putting in a few extra bucks to integrate it into your core business process is a really good idea. As mentioned earlier, if used correctly then it will not only justify its own cost but also increase profits manifold.

Choose the right company by integrating the whole process in your business and make the most of the market knowledge that is present on the internet. The power to make the best and the most informed decisions lies in your own hands, and data mining is one approach that will certainly get you a lot closer to your business goals.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Usefulness of Web Scraping Services

For any business or organization, surveys and market research play important roles in the strategic decision-making process. Data extraction and web scraping techniques are important tools that find relevant data and information for your personal or business use. Many companies employ people to copy-paste data manually from the web pages. This process is very reliable but very costly as it results to time wastage and effort. This is so because the data collected is less compared to the resources spent and time taken to gather such data.

Nowadays, various data mining companies have developed effective web scraping techniques that can crawl over thousands of websites and their pages to harvest particular information. The information extracted is then stored into a CSV file, database, XML file, or any other source with the required format. After the data has been collected and stored, data mining process can be used to extract the hidden patterns and trends contained in the data. By understanding the correlations and patterns in the data; policies can be formulated and thereby aiding the decision-making process. The information can also be stored for future reference.

The following are some of the common examples of data extraction process:

• Scrap through a government portal in order to extract the names of the citizens who are reliable for a given survey.

• Scraping competitor websites for feature data and product pricing

• Using web scraping to download videos and images for stock photography site or for website design

Automated Data Collection

It is important to note that web scraping process allows a company to monitor the website data changes over a given time frame. It also collects the data on a routine basis regularly. Automated data collection techniques are quite important as they help companies to discover customer trends and market trends. By determining market trends, it is possible to understand the customer behavior and predict the likelihood of how the data will change.

The following are some of the examples of the automated data collection:

• Monitoring price information for the particular stocks on hourly basis

• Collecting mortgage rates from the various financial institutions on the daily basis

• Checking on weather reports on regular basis as required

By using web scraping services it is possible to extract any data that is related to your business. The data can then be downloaded into a spreadsheet or a database for it to be analyzed and compared. Storing the data in a database or in a required format makes it easier for interpretation and understanding of the correlations and for identification of the hidden patterns.

Through web scraping it is possible to get quicker and accurate results and thus saving many resources in terms of money and time. With data extraction services, it is possible to fetch information about pricing, mailing, database, profile data, and competitors data on a consistent basis. With the emergence of professional data mining companies outsourcing your services will greatly reduce your costs and at the same time you are assured of high quality services.


Monday, 5 January 2015

Web Scraping Services, Data Recovery Software Adaptation Actions

Site scraping, also known as Web data mining, or Web harvesting, data mining software is a web site. Web scraping is closely related and similar web index, index Web content. Index of the pages is on most machines. The site scraping the difference between the focus on the translation of unstructured content network, usually rich text format, such as HTML, you should direct them to analyze data, and other spreadsheet or database. Network Piquing also makes web browsing more efficient and user productivity.

For example, the website, scraping compare prices on the Internet, automatic monitoring, and integrated changes in site identification and information. Agency enforcement actions and use of data scraping method to generate the benefits of file information relating to crime and criminal behavior.

Researchers have the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and network use scraping to collect information and statistical analysis of disease such as AIDS and influenza-like swine flu from the recent Influenza A (H1N1) epidemic. Run a program automatically when the data scraping is the only easy to collect data from another program.

Data scraping is a programmer product line generated by the system, it is no longer a useful way to date equipment. Generated data, and through the use of stripping data designed for use by the user. This clever, it is used to the software code can be used for public institutions.

A leading provider of Web scraping software's provides a wide range of user-based services company, can be cheap and easy way to extract and manage network data. Individuals can use to set up agents to seek regular information, then stores this information, and eventually released the information in several places. When the data system, individuals can change and reuse of these data and other applications, or simply use its intelligence.

All information is the host of safety and health classes and data warehousing, and by the user through the Internet Security Web console access. Some of the more software is called. Harvest is used to create a competitive intelligence and market information on the Web scrapers and network search. Script, network scraper can be stored in the form used will soon be ready.

Allow from all types of web pages, dynamic Ajax pages mark the safe area behind the complex unstructured HTML pages, and more data recovery software, to support adaptation actions. The software can also be exported in various formats, such as the data in Excel and other database programs. Web scraping software is used to collect too much information, no problem with a revolutionary device.

The program has the impact of many people or companies need to apply for comparable data from the Internet in different places, and useful information on the situation. A wide range of information, in a very short time detection method is relatively easy, very cost effective. The purpose of Web scraping software is used every day of commercial applications, and more data recovery software, to support adaptation actions.

The software can also be exported in various formats, such as the data in Excel and other database programs. Web scraping software is used to collect too much information, no problem with a revolutionary device. The pharmaceutical industry, meteorology, law enforcement agencies and government agencies.