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Monday, 16 February 2015

Dear Donna: Tread Lightly When Suggesting 'Man-Scaping'

Dear Donna,

A man I recently began dating needs some "man-scaping." I would find him much more appealing if he trimmed the hair in his ears and nose and on the back of his neck. He has hinted that he is buying me something for Valentine's Day. Do you think it would be appropriate to buy him a gift certificate to a spa and tell him he could benefit from some "man-scaping?" - Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Since Valentine's Day is about love and romance, I would not put the focus on "man-scaping" by buying him a gift certificate to a spa. There is no easy, tactful way to suggest to someone that they do something about ear and nose hair. One day when you are sitting close to him, whisper in his ear, "I think you could use some "man-scaping." After you explain what "man-scaping" is, be ready with the card to the spa.

Dear Donna,

I am in my 40s, single and dating for the past five years. I meet men mostly through friends, work and online. The last two men I met assumed we would split the bill after lunch or dinner. The first one caught me off guard so I paid. I also immediately decided I would not see him again. The second added up my half of the bill and asked me what kind of tip I thought was appropriate. I told him I thought he should pay, and the date went downhill from there. Whatever happened to the gentleman pays? - Sarah

Dear Sarah,

This is a side effect of online dating. When you are meeting multiple women, it can be expensive to always be the one paying. If you are meeting someone for the first time, keep it simple. Agree to meet for one hour and not over lunch or dinner. Most men do not expect a lady to split the cost of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Bottom line, if he is interested in you, he gladly will pay.


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