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Friday, 26 December 2014

Choose Mining Wear Parts Wisely

It is important to choose a reputable supplier of mining wear parts; one that has been acknowledged as a leader in mining expertise. You will want to research and seek out a company that specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, procurement and design of mining wear parts and who has access to a multitude of patterns and templates to choose from.

It is vital to find a company that invites you to put them to the test; a company that is committed to selling more than just a product, standing behind the parts that they design and manufacture with an unprecedented industry guarantee. Some companies are so confident in their products that each wear part is stamped with their logo, identifying it as a superior product.

You will also want to find a company that takes pride in establishing strong customer relationships and who employs people who are as equally committed to providing outstanding service with customer satisfaction a priority. Your research will help you find a mining wear parts company that guarantees that if they do not have the part available, that they will find it for you or are capable of custom designing products to your exact specifications.

If you stop to consider the ramifications of an equipment malfunction or breakdown on production quotas, the significance of reliable parts becomes readily apparent. The impact can be far reaching if it halts production while the necessary repairs are completed. The ugly reality is that downtime incurs financial losses.

While the cost of aftermarket replacement mining wear parts is one factor, the installation of the part is equally as important. It is vital that aftermarket parts are built to a rugged standard to endure the rigorous industrial demands placed on them. Mining wear parts are routinely subjected to high stress abrasion and impact. The fabricated parts need to have the structural strength to be wear resistant with extended usage. Hardened manganese is the preferred material of choice to impart added strength and avoid premature breakage and replacement. Using inferior quality parts may result in the necessity of replacing them prematurely if they do not withstand the wear and tear that they are subjected to daily. While a few dollars may be saved initially by purchasing inferior mining wear parts, production costs can dramatically increase if frequent breakdowns occur and manpower hours are wasted in the field. Efficient use of manpower is an important budget consideration. Reliability is an absolute necessity w
hen you have production deadlines to meet and operations can quickly grind to a standstill when production is halted.

Quality assurance management monitors the consistency of the parts, demanding that they are machined within precise measurements. In addition, they focus on striving to improve the quality of parts as new technology becomes available. Using precision made, high quality wear parts can make your business more competitive, giving you an advantage and improving your bottom line.


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