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Friday, 21 November 2014

Online Data Entry & Web Scraping Services

To operate any type of organization smoothly, it is essential to have precise data that is accurate and reliable. When your business expands, data entry on an ongoing basis is a tedious job. It’s a very time consuming task that can often distract employees focusing on core business areas.

Webpop offers all forms of online data entry services that are quick and accurate. We provide data entry services across all verticals that can be completely customized to your business requirements.

Database Population Services

Database population involves content collection from various database sources. This requires a lot of attention to detail, dedication and awareness and can prove a formidable task, especially for websites that largeley depend on it.

Webpop offer a quick and efficient database population service that helps relieve the stress from an extremely laborius task and leaves you more time to focus on more important aspects of your business. By investing just a fraction of the cost, you can outsource your database population tasks to us.

Web Scraping Services

Webpop have been assisting clients in searching, extracting and collecting data from the web for the past 5 years using the latest techniques in web scraping techology. We can scrape all types of information from a variety of sources such as websites, blogs, online directories, e-commerce websites and podcasts to name a few. We use a varied selection of automated and manual web scraping technologies to extract, gather and collect all of the required data you require from any chosen website(s) on the World Wide Web.

We can simplify the whole process from collection to population, converting your scraped data in to structured formats that are applicable to your website. This can be offered as a one time service or an ongoing basis that will assist you in constantly keeping your website’s content fresh and up to date. We can crawl competitors websites, gather sales leads, product details, pricing methodologies and also creat custom campaigns to suit your project’s requirements.

Over the years Webpop has grown from strength-to-strength by providing all types of data entry, database population and web scraping services. All of our data entry services are performed with care, due dilligence and attention to detail. We enjoy a challenge and pride ourselves on delivering results whilst working on precarious projects that require precision and total commitment.


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